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Rainfall probability according to month and region of Brazil

Information. 4-May-2011 .brazilbeachtravel
Graphic report with the evolution of rainfall averages according to each month of the year in four regions of the Brazilian coast.

The rains are really annoying in a beach vacation, therefore, the ideal would be to avoid them as much as possible. Below we can see rainfall charts according to the month in several Brazilian destinations, which give us an idea of which months are the rainiest according to each region of Brazil:

Rain on the beach
Rain on the beach
photo by zoutedrop - CC 2.0 by

Rainfall Florianopolis
 Rains Florianopolis

Rainfall Rio de Janeiro
rain River de Janeiro

Rainfall Bahia
rains Bay

Rainfall Natal(Northeast, View on satellite map )

photo by marcelometal - CC 2.0 by

rains Natal


As you can see, the rainiest regions in Brazil are usually tropical: the coast of Rio de Janeiro and San Pablo is famous for having very rainy and even tragic summers(see Brazil and climate change ). The south of Brazil is also very rainy in summer, especially in February, and the northeast(from Bahia) is very rainy in autumn and winter.

photo by ricardor - CC 2.0 by

Although these graphs should be analyzed as statistical, and taking into account the enormous size of the Brazilian coast, they are very approximate, but serve to give an idea of ​​the variations of rainfall in each place of Brazil according to each month of the year, and they can be interesting as a reference when choosing a month to travel to a beach in a certain region of Brazil.

Always bearing in mind that luck in the end ends up being the most important factor in determining what weather we will have during the holidays: I have had weeks of uninterrupted good weather in months of rain, and rainy days without stopping when it was logical that Sun. In this sense, those who want to ensure the sun as much as possible, can choose to travel in the spring to Natal , the inhabitants of This beach city in the Northeast boasts of having the most sunny days during the year, and as you can see in the graph, between the months of September and January, rainfall averages are really scarce.

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Temperatures and average historical weather

Historical weather for this month (November)

98 mm
Río de Janeiro
96 mm
Salvador de Bahía
74 mm
24 mm
9 mm
Rain on the beach
Rain on the beach
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