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Information . 14 October 2021 . brazilbeachtravel

UPDATE 3/4/2022

With the new decree of 4/1/2022, the restrictions are reduced to the presentation of proof of vaccination (at least two doses) in printed or electronic form for everyone over 5 years old, the second vaccine dose must have been taken at least 14 days before enter Brazilian territory, also its no longer mandatory to fill Traveler's Health Declaration

Our Updated article with Entry Requirements

Click to see latest decree (1/4/2022) migratory covid restrictions in Brazil (Portuguese)

They have been very difficult times, and international tourism has been most affected by the covid-19 pandemic, borders were closed, flights routes disappeared indefinitely and we got used to short trips within our own countries as the only relief to our traveling spirit.

With mass vaccination, however, the world slowly returns to normal and Brazil is no exception, for those of us who love to travel to this wonderful country, lay down again on the white sand of its beaches begins to stop being a distant dream and is emerging as a possible reality.

Beaches in Brazil . 8 July 2021 . brazilbeachtravel

Fernando de Noronha is a small archipelago in the Ocean Atlantic, just north of the equator, a chain of small islands in the middle of the sea, about 2400 km northeast of Rio de Janeiro, 1200 km north

Information . 9 May 2018 . brazilbeachtravel

After the last day of carnival, it begins and continues until December 26 or 27, what is known as the low season in Brazil. It is time to take advantage of good prices and tranquility on the beaches that during the summer are overwhelmed by mass tourism. However, it is also good to pay attention to the advantages and disadvantages of traveling to Brazilian beaches during this time of year.

Beaches in Brazil . 17 November 2017 . brazilbeachtravel

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the most interesting states to travel at any time of year, the reason is simple, in addition to its great natural attractions, has one of the best beach climates in Brazil, summer practically throughout the year. Natal is its capital and main tourist destination; and Praia da Pipa, on the south coast of the state and 80 kilometers from the capital, is its jewel: the most beautiful beaches in the state, the most varied landscapes and one of the most cosmopolitan nights of the Northeast.

Beaches in Brazil . 21 October 2016 . brazilbeachtravel

Maragogi, in the north of the state of Alagoas, is one of the best examples of the beach landscape that predominates in the northeast of Brazil. Turquoise sea, palm trees and coconut trees by the sea, coral reefs, natural pools, summer practically all year round and white sand. Something like the Caribbean in Brazil.

Beaches in Brazil . 30 September 2012 . brazilbeachtravel

For many Brazilians the state of Alagoas has the most beautiful beaches of the northeast, from south to north of the state we find typical beach landscapes of the northeast: calm sea between green and blue, natural pools, coral reefs and forests of palm trees on the shores from sea. Maceió, capital of the state, is the natural starting point to begin to discover the numerous wonders of this coast.

Beaches in Brazil . 15 June 2012 . brazilbeachtravel

The entire maritime coast of Rio de Janeiro is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful not only of Brazil but of the world, and it is at the ends of the state, far from the influence of the big city, that its wonderful landscapes can be enjoyed with greater intensity ; We've already posted about Trindade , about Angra dos Reis , about -ilha-grande / aracatiba-ilha-grande-mas-cerca-de-la-naturaleza "> Ilha Grande and about / buzios "> Búzios ; Neighboring the latter there is another peninsula no less beautiful and much quieter: it is Arraial do Cabo, with its breathtaking landscapes and the whitest sand beaches that Brazil can offer us.

Beaches in Brazil . 27 October 2009 . brazilbeachtravel

A trip to Florianópolis is more than a trip to an individual tourist destination, Florianópolis is an island of considerable size that includes a group of destinations and beaches that can be part of an exclusive trip in itself. For this reason it is important to know from the beginning where part of the island one will stay.

Salvador de Bahía Special Guide . 18 October 2010 . Traveler Oliveira

In Salvador de Bahía the sea is a constant presence, although not all coastal neighborhoods have good beaches, mainly due to the numerous rock formations of much of the north coast. Below description and location on map of some of the most important and interesting beaches of the Bahian capital:

Beaches in Brazil . 20 August 2010 . brazilbeachtravel

The state of Pernambuco is famous for its white sand beaches, natural pools with colorful fish, reefs and warm water practically all year round. Its most famous destination is Porto de Galinhas , only 62 kilometers south of the capital Recife .

.Brazilian Beaches.

The coast of the extreme south of Brazil does not stand out too much for its natural beauty, they are kilometers and...

Salvador de Bahía has remarkable beauty beaches in its surroundings, especially those of Morro de São Paulo...

Trancoso, like much of the south coast of Bahia, has a geography marked by cliffs and high plateaus very...

Bombinhas is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Brazil, its geography and coves of green and...

Right in the center of the Northeast, on the easternmost tip of South America, the capital of Rio Grande do Norte...

Around the coast of Florianópolis are common rocky islets crowned by tropical vegetation, are part of the attraction...

Praia do Rosa , in the town of Imbituba and south of the state of Santa Catarina, is along with the...

Morro de São Paulo is next to Salvador, Arraial d'Ajuda and Trancoso, one of the most visited beach destinations by...

Jericoacoara was for a long time a beach frequented only by adventurers, that almost unknown beach of exotic...

This second special of first one was about...

Updated requirements to enter Brazilian territory

Praia do espelho, located in the south of Bahia, on the so-called coast of discovery, is considered one of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil

Praia do espelho

Farol de Santa Marta, a beach village that is part of Laguna, is one of the least known destinations in southern Brazil

Farol de Santa Marta, aldea y Faro de fondo

Application with historical data to determine approximate weather in Brazil according to the month and the region

Coconut in Leblon - Río de Janeiro

Graphic report with the evolution of rainfall averages according to each month of the year in four regions of the Brazilian coast.

Images of several of the main attractions of Salvador de Bahía by Paula, new collaborator of

Largo do Pelourinho - Salvador de Bahía

Special about Salvador de Bahía, we talk about its culture, its beaches, its architecture, hidden places, security and more ...

Pelourinho - Salvador de Bahía

Some interesting and lesser known places in Salvador de Bahia

Jazz en el Museo de Arte Moderno de Salvador de Bahía

The coastal district of Rio Vermelho concentrates the best of the Salvador de Bahía night and the most important Yemanjá tradition, on February 2

Fiesta de Yemanjá en Río Vermelho

Carnival of Salvador de Bahia, the largest popular festival in the world

Carnaval de Bahía

Deserted beaches, walks among impressive vegetation and a dreamy sea for swimming and diving, Araçatiba and its surroundings are a good alternative when choosing accommodation in Ilha Grande

Aldea de Araçatiba en Ilha Grande

Article on the Coroa Vermelha beach, between Porto Seguro and Santa Cruz de Cabralia, paradise and indigenous culture.

Playa cercana a la cruz de Coroa Vermelha

Guide to get to 3 of the most important beaches of the São Paulo coast: Ubatuba, Ilhabela and Guarujá.

Praia do Bonete - Ilhabela

Guarujá, Ilhabela, and Ubatuba. Information and beaches of 3 of the most important destinations on the coast of the State of São Paulo

playa desierta en Ilhabela - Litoral de São Paulo

Trindade, 29 kilometers from Paraty (Rio de Janeiro), between mountains, Atlantic forest and sea.


Reflection on the beginning of the history of Brazil and its conquest

Indigenas de la tribu Pataxós - sur de Bahia

Ideal option for those thinking of a trip to southern Brazil this summer and want to avoid the most common destinations

Playa Prainha en Guarda do Embaú

Porto Seguro, beaches, dancing and much Axé, fun 24 hours in the capital of the coast of discovery.

Playa de Coroa Vermelha

Gateway to the beautiful coastal landscapes of the Ceará coastline, beaches with colorful cliffs, lagoons and immense dunes on the seafront, are the typical landscape of this region

Playa Iracema

The most popular urban beach in southern Brazil, a mini Rio de Janeiro in the state of Santa Catarina.

vista de la playa central desde el telesférico

Located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, 160 kilometers from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis is the gateway to the impressive landscapes of the Brazilian tropical islands, among which is Ilha Grande .

playa en Angra dos Reis

The Búzios peninsula combines impressive natural charms and a sophisticated infrastructure 190 kilometers from Rio de Janeiro

Playa João Fernandes en Búzios

Recife, historical and multicultural capital of the state of Pernambuco, is the main urban center of the Brazilian northeast.

Río en Recife

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