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How to get to Salvador de Bahía

Salvador de Bahía Special Guide. 18-Oct-2010 .Traveler Oliveira
How to get to Salvador de Bahía by Plane or Bus, and how to get around the airport, the bus terminal and places like Barra or Pelourinho

Salvador de Bahía is the 4th largest city in Brazil, located in the beginning of the Brazilian northeast, offering many options to get to the city, both by plane and by bus.

Aeropuerto de Salvador de Bahía
Aeropuerto de Salvador de Bahía
foto de brasilplayas.com - CC by-nc-nd

By plane from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay and South America

There are flights by the Gol airline to Salvador de Bahía from Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Paraguay, Peru, Bolivia(from Santa Cruz de la Sierra), Colombia and Venezuela, go to <a href's website = "http://www.voegol.com.br" target = "_ blank"> GOL and select the corresponding country.

Bus entre Río de Janeiro y Bahía
Bus entre Río de Janeiro y Bahía
foto de brasilplayas.com - CC by-nc-nd

There are also weekly direct flights to Salvador de Bahia from Buenos Aires by the Aerolíneas Argentinas company, see on your website shcedules and prices.

Sobrevolando Salvador de Bahía
Sobrevolando Salvador de Bahía
foto de brasilplayas.com - CC by-nc-nd

The airline Tam has flights with a combination to Salvador de Bahía from Argentina, Chile and Paraguay. Enter your website and select the corresponding country.

By plane from Spain

There are direct flights through the airline Air Europa and flights with stopovers via TAP Air Portugal and TAM

They can check the availability of flights, their schedules and prices in the respective websites of the companies.

The airline iberworld , is operating charter flights Madrid - Salvador de Bahia through travel agencies resulting in a very convenient price, our friend Peter will be traveling in the coming weeks through a iberworld charter between Madrid and Salvador de Bahia with a stopover in Natal, we will update then telling how the experience with this airline has been.

Important: Air Europa has timely canceled its flights between Madrid and Salvador de Bahía, then announced that it would resume them as of October 31, 2010: however, by entering its website, we can verify that to this date there is no possibility to consult that route.

How to get to Salvador de Bahía from Rio de Janeiro

In Bus:
The route between Rio de Janeiro and Salvador de Bahía is carried out by companies Aguia Branca and http://www.itapemirim.com.br "target =" _ blank "> Itapemirim .

The duration of the trip between Rio de Janeiro and Salvador by bus is 27 hours and the fare is between 230 and 265 Reals depending on the service.

How to get to Salvador de Bahía from Sao Paulo

By plane:
From Sao Paulo to Salvador de Bahia there are flights by TAM , GOL , BLUE (from Campinas airport ) and Avianca Brasil . It is possible to check schedules and buy the tickets with a credit card in the respective web pages(click on the name of the airline).

In Bus:
The company São Geraldo makes the trip between Sao Paulo and the main cities of Bahia including Salvador de Bahía.

The bus travel time between Sao Paulo and Salvador is approximately 32 hours.

Location of the Salvador de Bahía bus terminal

( View on satellite map )

The Salvador de Bahía bus terminal is about 6 kilometers from the city center, and about 8 kilometers from the district of Barra.

In various internet sites, the location of the bus terminal of Salvador de Bahía is established, as in the Pituba neighborhood, and this may give the wrong impression that the terminal is close to the Pituba beach. The reality is that Salvador's bus terminal is relatively far from Pituba, more than 3 kilometers away, between the Caminho das Arvore, Pernambués and Itaigara neighborhoods.

The best reference is the proximity of shopping Iguatemi, one of the most important shopping centers in Salvador and one of the largest in Brazil.

Leaving the terminal there is a bus stop to all neighborhoods of Salvador.

Arrive from the Salvador bus terminal to Centro/Pelourinho

There are both conventional and special urban buses(with smaller and have air conditioning). You should take the one that says Praça da Sé , see observations on the bus stop in Praça da Sé below or by clicking here .

Arrive from the Salvador bus terminal to Barra

You can take a special bus(it is smaller than the conventional ones) with the sign "Praça da Sé" that passes before Barra(make sure you go via Farol da Barra ) If you do not know Barra or do not know where to get off, it is advisable to ask the collector to notify you at the bus stop closest to the place where Barra is going.

Salvador de Bahía Airport Location

( View on map )

The Salvador de Bahía airport is located outside the city limits in the municipality of Lauro de Freitas , the distance from the airport to the city center is 28 kilometers.

How to get from Salvador airport to Centro and Pelourinho

There are safe and air-conditioned buses that make the trip from the Salvador de Bahia airport to the Praça da Sé ( View on map ). They are smaller than conventional urban buses.


div id = "prazadase"> Praça da Sé is the historical center of Salvador de Bahía and entrance to Pelourinho, the bus price for this trip is around 6 reales.

The bus stop Praça da Sé(where the bus that arrives from the airport ends) is actually quite before reaching the Praça da Sé, about 300 meters or so, and the reason is that from the Praça da da I know and towards the Pelourinho most of the streets are pedestrian or very narrow as for buses, the Terreiro de Jesus which is already full Pelourinho is about 4 blocks from where the bus leaves us.

arrive from Salvador airport to Barra

To get to Barra beach, it is possible to take a common or air-conditioned bus from Salvador de Bahía airport.

The conventional bus is the one that says in the poster "Campo Grande" or the one that says "Lapa", the differential(with air conditioning) is the same bus that makes the journey between Salvador airport and Praça da Sé. the poster Praça da Sé, make sure for the doubts before taking it that it goes via Farol da Barra.

It is advisable for those who do not know the city to ask the bus collector(or the driver depending on the bus) to notify them when they arrive at Barra or as close to the part of Barra where they stay.

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