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Praia da Pipa

Beaches in Brazil. 17-Nov-2017 .brazilbeachtravel
Between Natal and João Pessoa, Praia da Pipa is one of the main destinations in the Northeast of Brazil, and one of its most beautiful beaches.

Rio Grande do Norte is one of the most interesting states to travel at any time of year, the reason is simple, in addition to its great natural attractions, has one of the best beach climates in Brazil, summer practically throughout the year. Natal is its capital and main tourist destination; and Praia da Pipa, on the south coast of the state and 80 kilometers from the capital, is its jewel: the most beautiful beaches in the state, the most varied landscapes and one of the most cosmopolitan nights of the northeast.

foto de Beto Quissak - CC by-sa

Chapadão ( View on satellite map )

photo by deltafrut - CC 2.0 by

Lookout. It is a huge orange cliff 40 meters high at one end of Praia do Amor, from Chapadão you can have the best views of the beaches around.

Foto de Bjørn Christian Tørrissen

Praia das Minas & nbsp; ( View on satellite map )

photo by helder - CC 2.0 by-sa

Very straight and semi deserted beach with cliffs, good waves to surf, it is also a point of spawning of sea turtles.

Praia da Pipa
Praia da Pipa
photo by helder - CC 2.0 by-sa

Praia do Madeiro ( View on satellite map )

photo by rosanetur - CC 2.0 by

It is one of the most beautiful, mainly at low tide, accessed through stairways between cliffs, sometimes it is possible to see dolphins. It has enough waves, good for surfing. Rather infrastructure and beach bars, there are buses for easy access from the center.

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Sibaúma ( View on satellite map )

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Natural pools at low tide, very nice and quiet, with all the beauty of the region but without as much infrastructure as the central beach of Pipa.

photo by Rafael Vianna Croffi - CC 2.0 by

Barra do Cunhaú & nbsp; ( View on satellite map )

To the south, passing Sibaúma and bordering the mouth of a river, you can arrive by ferry crossing at the height of Sibaúma or on boat trips from Pipa. Warm and calm sea at the mouth of the river, with reefs , good for taking baths of sea and river.

Baia Formosa ( View on satellite map )

Beach with good waves for surfing, has cliffs and dunes.

Climate: best time of the year to travel to Pipa

The climate in general is ideal for practically all year round the beach is hot, and in the rainy season is not as rainy as other regions of Brazil, between September and February are the times of the year that least rain.

How to get to Praia da Pipa

Via Aerea

Praia da Pipa is located in the municipality of Tibau do Sul, 80 km south of Natal, the nearest airport is Natal ( View on satellite map ), although it is also possible to get through the João Pessoa airport which is 140 kilometers away.

By bus

While the distances are huge. It is possible to get to Praia da Pipa by bus from other cities in Brazil such as Salvador de Bahía , Rio de Janeiro and even San Pablo. You must take a bus to Natal and get off at the BR101 crossing, at the entrance to Praia da Pipa / Tibau do Sul, from there it is about 25 kilometers to the center of Pipa.

Distances from other Brazilian capitals

São Paulo : 2,950 km

Rio de Janeiro : 2,540 km

Salvador de Bahía : 1,050 km

Natal : 80 km

Recife : 250 km

João Pessoa : 140 km

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