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In the northeast of Brazil, between Maceio and Porto de Galinhas, landscapes of the Caribbean and Brazilian culture.

For many Brazilians the state of Alagoas has the most beautiful beaches of the northeast, from south to north of the state we find typical beach landscapes of the northeast: calm sea between green and blue, natural pools, coral reefs and forests of palm trees on the shores from sea. Maceió, capital of the state, is the natural starting point to begin to discover the numerous wonders of this coast.

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Maceio, is well in the center of northeastern Brazil, 600 kilometers north of Salvador de Bahia and 1000 kilometers south of Fortaleza, as capital city and in relation to other capitals of Brazil is not too big, barely exceeds one million inhabitants, and unlike other capitals of the northeast has pleasant urban beaches, generally with buildings not too high that do not ruin the beaches as it happens in other much larger cities of the northeast of Brazil, Recife and Fortaleza above all.

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Although it is possible to enjoy the urban beaches of Maceió quite a bit, the best thing is to get away a little, the best of Maceió is in the beautiful landscapes of the surrounding area: from the Barra de São Miguel(only 30 kilometers south of Maceió, View on satellite map ) and up to Barra de Santo Antonio(50 kilometers to the north, View on map satelital ), are 80 kilometers of coastline with many of the best landscapes that the Northeast of Brazil has to offer.

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As we said the urban beaches of Maceió are better and more beautiful than those of other large cities in the northeast such as Recife or Fortaleza, however it is good to pay attention when it comes to wanting to take sea baths, the environmental institute of the state of Alagoas publishes a monthly report on the state of the beaches of Maceió and the rest of the state; During the summer months, the beaches are usually suitable for bathing, however during the winter months, the numerous rains mean that the sea is often not able to bathe, it is good to keep these reports in mind, especially for those who travel outside the summer, the reports are in Portuguese and highlight " proprias " or " improprias " the conditions of the sea in each beach according to each month( See reports from the environmental institute )

photo by Paula Cristina - CC 2.0 by-nd

Maceió urban beaches

Pajuçara Beach ( View on satellite map )

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It is one of the most central beaches of Maceió, surrounded by buildings, its biggest attraction are the natural pools that form reefs 2 kilometers from the coast at low tide, these pools are a kind of natural aquarium where fish are trapped during the low tide, the excursion to the pools is done by small sailboats that cross from the beach, the schedule to take better advantage of the pools depends on the height of the tide so it is advisable to consult with those who make the walks before.

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Ponta Verde Beach ( View on satellite map );

photo by Stefanie Schwarz - CC 2.0 by-sa

Moving a little further from the center of Maceió to the north is the Ponta Verde beach, with lower buildings than Pajuçara and a beautiful rambla where you can walk and observe the calm and green sea.

Foto de Ninha Morandini

Praia da Jatiuca ( View on satellite map )

photo by Dario Sanches - CC 2.0 by-sa

The Praia de Jatiuca is one of the most beautiful urban beaches of Maceió, on its waterfront and surrounded by tall palm trees, with warm blue sea, good for swimming when the tide is low but not so much when it is high, you can check the state of Maceió's tides here

photo by Stefanie Schwarz - CC 2.0 by-sa

Cruz das Almas Beach ( View on satellite map )

Further away towards theNorth of the coast of Maceió, the beach Cruz das Almas has quite rough sea unlike most of the other urban beaches of Maceió, good beach for surfing.

Beaches around Maceió

Ipioca Beach ( View on satellite map ) Beautiful beach, quiet and almost desert only 20 kilometers north of the center of Maceió, calm sea of ​​very pleasant temperature, is accessed through a private property which can be reached by a bus that is taken in the center of Maceió. Natural pools and impressive coconut groves along a blue or green sea depending on the time of year.

Praia do Francés ( View on satellite map )

The praia do Francés is about 20 kilometers south of the center of Maceió in the municipality of Marechal Deodoro , it is one of the most important beaches in the region, offers a good combination between infrastructure and nature, and has a large reef bar that makes the north side of very calm waters, in that part of the beach is concentrated most of the people and establishments; On the south side of the Praia do Francés , on the other hand, there is much less urbanization and it is practically deserted as we move away, the rough sea makes this part of the beach the preferred by surfers.

Praia do Gunga ( View on satellite map )

33 kilometers south of Maceió and next to Barrra de São Miguel, the beach is located do Gunga , for those looking for the typical landscape of the Brazilian northeast, this beach is a dream come true: coral reefs, natural pools, turquoise sea, white sand and one of the most impressive palm forests, specifically coconut trees, which can be found on the shores of the sea throughout Brazil. The beach do Gunga , is located on a point that separates the sea from a lagoon, and depending on the height of the tide and the time of year, its waters vary between green and light blue . While the beach is beautiful, like most paradisiacal beaches in Brazil, the abundance of tourists who come to visit it at the same time during the day, can make it lose part of its appeal. To highlight is the beautiful view of the Praia do Gunga from the viewpoint: it is one of the most beautiful views of all the Brazilian northeast. To get to the Praia do Gunga , it is accessed by boat or by a path between the huge private coconut plantation.

Maceió Airport Location

Maceió has a major airport that receives both domestic and international flights,( View location of Maceió airport on the map )

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