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Travel guide about Bombas and Bombinhas, destination to the north of Florianópolis, in the south of Brazil.

Bombinhas is one of the most beautiful beaches in southern Brazil, its geography and coves of green and crystalline waters arranged around a peninsula, resembling other more famous destinations in Brazil such as Búzios, however Bombinhas is located in the north of the state of Santa Catarina, between Florianópolis and Camboriú, which makes it very attractive and close to those arriving from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay.

photo by willow s brain - CC 2.0 by-nd

Bombinhas is an ideal destination for swimming in the sea, after the main and most urbanized beaches of Bombas and Bombinhas the cove is closing and small and beautiful beaches appear, beaches almost private ideals for swimming in the calm of green waters among goldfish. Due to the very rich life of the sea floor of Bombinhas , this destination has also become a paradise for diving.

photo by victorsounds - CC 2.0 by-sa

:: Beaches of Bombinhas

Bombs and Bombinhas

photo by marlls1989 - CC 2.0 by-nd

They are the main beaches, both Bombs( View on satellite map ), such as Bombinhas( View on map satelital ) are overcrowded in the summer months, have the largest number of inns, hotels and restaurants, the waters are calm.

photo by marlls1989 - CC 2.0 by-nd

Praia de Quatro Ilhas ( View on satellite map )

photo by frankllin - CC 2.0 by

Almost 1 kilometer of beach with good surf waves, from here you can see the islands of Arvoredo, Deserta, Macuco and Welsh, hence the name: beach of four islands.

Lagoinha ( View on satellite map )

Beautiful beach less than 100 meters long in which the stones formed a natural pool, ideal for swimming and diving.

Praia da Sepultura ( View on satellite map )

It is one of the most beautiful beaches, with very calm green waters, on the beach there is only a private house, it is possible to easily access on foot through a path.

Playa Retiro dos Padres(English) ( View on satellite map )

Formerly called English. It is reached from a road that is at the end of Bombinhas beach has a camping, bar and restaurant.

Marshal ( View on satellite map )

Mariscal occupies 4 kilometers in the part of the coast that faces the open sea of ​​a peninsular formation , has good waves for surfing, on the other coast of the peninsula, barely separated by 400 meters in the most narrow, is the beach of the village of Canto Grande , on calm waters.

Big Canto ( View on satellite map )

Village at the end of the beach of Mariscal, has two coasts with their respective beaches, the one that faces the open sea(or sea from outside) is the end of the Mariscal beach; the other coast faces the inland sea and its beach is very calm.

Praia da Conceição ( View on satellite map )

Beautiful beach with natural pools, you can walk through the village of Canto Grande, it is some distance from the beaches of Bombas and Bombinhas, about 7 kilometers.

Zimbros ( View on satellite map )

It is in the part of the village of Canto Grande that faces the sea inland, after the beach of Canto Grande, the sea is very calm, ideal for water sports, also for diving.

:: Other attractions

Municipal Park of Morro do Macaco ( View on satellite map )

It is accessed by a path that climbs from Canto Grande , from its 150 meters high you have a great view of the beaches of Canto Grande and Mariscal

Mirante Eco 360º ( View on satellite map )

Private viewpoint located at the top of the mountain, from here you can see a spectacular 360 degree view of all the surroundings, including the north of the island of Florianópolis. It is accessed through the beach of Conceição or from Canto Grande, an entrance fee of 1 Real is charged to allow access to the viewpoint.

Galheta Municipal Park ( View on satellite map )

Vegetation area of ​​the Atlantic forest type, has many paths, and a huge variety of flora and fauna, is reached from the beach of Bombas, home to the beach da Galheta </​​i>( View on satellite map ). During the summer, it receives thousands of visitors per day.

:: Best month to travel to Bombinhas

Bombinhas , like many of the most beautiful beaches in Brazil, has been a victim in the last decades of a significant over-exploitation of real estate and has been transformed into a destination that receives a flood of tourists between the months of January and February. This obviously takes away some of the attractive features that are available to you, keep in mind that many of the beaches of Bombinhas are usually small, with very narrow bands of sand, and it is not pleasant to be totally surrounded of crowds on a beach that stands out for giving us a unique contact with nature.

That is why we recommend visiting this beautiful peninsula in the south of Brazil during the month of March(as long as it is not carnival), the beaches are much less crowded at this time and the accommodation is much cheaper than before the carnival.

:: How to get to Bombinhas

Bombinhas is only 70 kilometers from Florianópolis, and 40 kilometers from Camboriú.

Arrive by air to Bombinhas

It is possible to get to Bombinhas by air both through the city airport of Navegantes (about 50 km, View on satellite map ) or through the airport of the state capital in Florianópolis (at 70 km, View on satellite map ), this last airport is where most of the Brazilian and international flights arrive.

Arrive in Bombinhas by car

Both from Camboriú and from Florianópolis, Bombinhas is accessed through the BR-101 highway first and then doubling at the junction with the SC-412( View on satellite map ) which is the route that reaches Bombinhas.

For those who travel by car here, it is recommended to be careful with the routes of this part of the state of Santa Catarina, since these have been the scene of several fatal accidents, especially because of motorists who do not know the particular conditions of these routes full of curves between mountains.

Arrive at Bombinhas by bus

If the idea is to travel to Bombinhas by bus, the company Pluma has services to Camboriú with connection to Bombas and Bombinhas from Argentina( Buenos Aires and Rosario), there is also a line of Pluma that connects Santiago de Chile and southern Brazil.

The other option available for travel by bus from Argentina is the company Flechabus .

For trips from Montevideo Uruguay, it operates services to Camboriú, the company TTL( see prices and schedules ).

From Camboriú there are interurban buses from hour to hour by the company Viação Praiana

For trips from Asunción del Paraguay there is a bus to the south of Brazil by the company Boquerón(Tel(21) 551-738 550-880) and by Pluma

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Note : The current climate shown below is that of the nearest town, Porto Belo , 5 kilometers from Bombinhas.

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Climate and weather forecast in Bombinhas
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