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Araçatiba (Ilha Grande)

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Deserted beaches, walks among impressive vegetation and a dreamy sea for swimming and diving, Araçatiba and its surroundings are a good alternative when choosing accommodation in Ilha Grande

Generally when traveling to Ilha Grande , the village of Abraão is chosen as the place of accommodation and base, and the reason is simple, it is the main village in terms of tourist infrastructure and the most accessible from the continent by boats and boats. However, not everything is Abraão in Ilha Grande, there are also inns and it is possible to stay in less touristy areas and more surrounded by nature, such as Praia de Araçatiba , located on the opposite side of the island, and true paradise for those who love walks and paths between pure nature.

Aldea de Araçatiba en Ilha Grande
Aldea de Araçatiba en Ilha Grande
© fotos Pablo y Evangelina | brasilPlayas.com

The inns in Araçatiba are simple compared to those in other areas of Ilha Grande, not to mention Angra dos Reis. The basic tourist infrastructure of Araçatiba has accommodation and gastronomic options barely covered by inns and beach bars. Almost all the inns offer half board, that is to say that we have a breakfast and the choice to have lunch or dinner in them, which in general covers the necessities of feeding, and if they remain hungry they can eat something fast in the beach.

Lagoa Verde
Lagoa Verde
© fotos Pablo y Evangelina | brasilPlayas.com

There are no supermarkets in the village, but an inn offers basic store items. The area also lacks specific places for nightlife, although in high season there are usually parties with music on the beach.

© fotos Pablo y Evangelina | brasilPlayas.com

Likewise, any lack of infrastructure is compensated for by the pleasure provided by the stay away from the routine and in contact with nature, combining holidays with a natural lifestyle and unforgettable landscapes.

© fotos Pablo y Evangelina | brasilPlayas.com

Paradise of the trilhas

Due to the enormous size of the island, its mountainous nature, and the spacing of the inhabited areas, all Ilha Grande stands out as one of the best destinations for walks on ecological trails(or < em> trilhas as they are known in Brazil); in particular Araçatiba , with its tropical nature, green hills and deserted beaches in the surroundings, is one of the best places on the island to use as a base point for excursions through the exuberant vegetation of the area, with the additional advantage of having less than 30 minutes of walking to one of the best attractions on the island, such as Lagoa Verde , without depending on the schedules of any boat ride.

© fotos Pablo y Evangelina | brasilPlayas.com

Lagoa Verde

( View on satellite map )

© fotos Pablo y Evangelina | brasilPlayas.com

Lagoa Verde , located very close to the village of Araçatiba , on the side of a kind of peninsula formed by hills and stones where a false lagoon is formed that is a true paradise of diving, its crystalline emerald green sea, its colorful fish, the warmth of the water and the beautiful nature that surrounds us on all sides justify the entire trip, and make swimming in its waters(and much more diving) one of the best among the many attractions that Ilha Grande has as a destination.

Lagoa Verde
Lagoa Verde
photo by Glauco Umbelino - CC 2.0 by

Beaches of Araçatiba

From Araçatiba we have several beaches accessible along a path of less than 2 kilometers:

Playa Grande de Araçatiba ( View on satellite map )
It is the main beach of the village, it has about 700 meters of extension, white sand and stones, and like most of the beaches of the region calm and warm waters, also beach bars and inns.

Araçatibinha ( View on satellite map )
Also called Praia de Araçatiba , it is a small inlet with calm and warm waters, ideal for swimming surrounded by peace and nature, it is connected to Playa Grande by a path in a southerly direction. It has a small pier and ruins of an old factory of canned sardines.

Praia da Cachoeira ( View on satellite map )
Going to the right on the same path from Praia Grande and on the way to Lagoa Verde , there is the beach da Cachoeira , deserted and with natural pools.

Praia de Itaguazú ( View on satellite map )
Passing Aracatibinha about a kilometer from trilha open you will arrive at this wonderful beach characterized by the gigantic rocks that give it its name, as well as by its calm and deep waters.

Praia Vermelha ( View on satellite map )
Following the path that leads to Praia de Itaguazú , about twenty minutes more walk, you will arrive at Praia Vermelha . Another area of ​​the island with population.

Other attractions of Araçatiba

From Araçatiba we have access to some of the most pristine beaches on the island such as Aventureiro and Parnaioca . Very close to Lagoa Verde is also the small Praia do Longa , hidden between hills and where boats are repaired, with a small chapel.


For those who wish to deepen their knowledge of the region and its origins, rides are ideal until Provetá ( View on satellite map ) , one of the most inhabited villages on the island, although unlike the Vila de Abraão , its inhabitants are mostly natives of the region dedicated mainly to fishing with boats. Although its beaches are beautiful like those of the other most famous villages on the island, tourism does not predominate, partly because of the massive presence of evangelical residents, some of whom are bothered by the little clothes of the visitors; Anyway, visiting Provetá gives us the opportunity to get to know the less touristy area of ​​ Ilha Grande .

Caiçara Culture

Another attraction of the region is the presence of the so-called Caiçara culture, this culture formed between Creoles and natives from the southern region of Rio de Janiero, currently has a festival dedicated at the end of July, with music, theater, gastronomy and typical sports on the Grande beach of Araçatiba .

How to get to Araçatiba from Angra dos Reis

There are boats from Angra dos Reis to Araçatiba , both in the morning and in the afternoon, the boats that make this trip charge between 15 and 20 reais.

This article was made with the collaboration of our friends Pablo and Evangelina.

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Aldea de Araçatiba en Ilha Grande
Aldea de Araçatiba en Ilha Grande


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