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Angra dos Reis - Ilha Grande

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Located in the state of Rio de Janeiro, 160 kilometers from the capital of Rio de Janeiro, Angra dos Reis is the gateway to the impressive landscapes of the Brazilian tropical islands, among which is Ilha Grande .

The city of Angra dos Reis is the center of a constellation of more than 300 islands and 2000 beaches of exuberant tropical beauty. It is the main attraction of the green coast, name given by the cariocas to the south coast of Rio de Janeiro, and a must for those visiting the capital. The paradisiacal tropical islands of this region are usually covered by boat trips that depart from Mangaratiba (100 km south of Rio, See in satellite map ) as of Angra dos Reis , and allow to appreciate the numerous islands with their beaches formed by small inlets and mountains covered with jungle vegetation; Many of these islands are private and house large mansions.

Angra dos Reis
Angra dos Reis
photo by Rodrigo Soldon - CC 2.0 by

Angra dos Reis is not just another excursion for those who visit Rio de Janeiro, it is also an independent international tourist destination, a destination with enough own attractions to stand out for itself.

Playa Angra dos Reis
Playa Angra dos Reis
photo by Antonio Carlos Fernandes da Silva Filho - CC 2.0 by

Ilha Grande

Opposite Angra, an hour and a half's journey by boat, is Ilha Grande, which is the largest of the islands of the Angra dos Reis bay with 193 km² and all kinds of beaches with crystal clear waters, many almost deserted and only accessible through paths between the mountains or from the sea. Inlets, rivers, waterfalls and lagoons complete a place full of beautiful landscapes ideal for those who love hiking and explore ecological paths between the sea and the tropical forests of the Atlantic forest. It is also a very coveted destination for diving enthusiasts due to the great concentration of shipwrecks that have occurred in its waters, and the variety of fish, corals and caverns of its seabed. The island also has some urbanization and tourist infrastructure in Vila do Abraão .

Praia de Pouso - Ilha Grande
Praia de Pouso - Ilha Grande
photo by nicholasbittencourt - CC 2.0 by-sa

Paraty and Trindade

It is recommended to include in a trip to Angra dos Reis the nearby historical city of Paraty with its preserved colonial architecture and its history and the beautiful beach of Trindade( View on satellite map ) near the boundary between the states of Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo.

playa en ilha grande - Angra dos Reis
playa en ilha grande - Angra dos Reis
photo by Anderson Mancini - CC 2.0 by

See Trindade travel guide

playa en ilha grande
playa en ilha grande
photo by jernie - CC 2.0 by-sa

How to get to Angra dos Reis

Access by air is mainly through the airports of Rio de Janeiro since the small airport of Angra dos reis only receives private aircraft.

By land, it's 2 and a half hours by bus from the terminal Novo Rio ( View on map ) for the BR-101. With departures at all times by the company Costa Verde .

By car from Rio de Janeiro, take the BR-101 road on the Rio-Santos stretch to Angra dos Reis.

The fastest option, however, is to take the Via Dutra , which is the highway linking Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, until Barra Mansa and from there go down through the RJ -155 up to Angra dos Reis.

How to get to Ilha Grande

Ilha Grande is reached through different types of boats that depart mainly from Angra dos Reis or Mangaratiba and finish their route in Vila de Abraão(most urbanized part of Ilha Grande, See on satellite map ), these boats leave daily but the hours are not many(http://www.ilhagrande.org/Ilha-Grande "target =" _ blank "> see schedules on this page ), it is convenient to arrive with time for more peace of mind and have the best options.

The boat trip lasts approximately 1:30 hs. Prices range from R $ 6.50 per person to R $ 25, depending on the type of vessel.

Update 5/1/2010:

See status report after the tragic avalanches in Ilha Large

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