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How to get to Guarujá, Ilhabela and Ubatuba

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Guide to get to 3 of the most important beaches of the São Paulo coast: Ubatuba, Ilhabela and Guarujá.

The arrival from outside Brazil to the beaches of the São Paulo coast is generally through the international airport of Guarulhos located in the great São Paulo or through its main bus terminal, the terminal of Tietê

Praia do Bonete - Ilhabela
Praia do Bonete - Ilhabela
photo by lgoose - CC 2.0 by-sa

International arrival via air to São Paulo

São Paulo and its most important airport( Guarulhos , View on map ) receive the most direct flights to Brazil from abroad , from virtually any city in the world.

Playa de Ubatumirim - Ubatuba
Playa de Ubatumirim - Ubatuba
photo by felipefonseca - CC 2.0 by-sa

From Spain the lines that operate direct flights to São Paulo are Iberia and Tam .

Praia do Lazaro - Ubatuba
Praia do Lazaro - Ubatuba
photo by sziliotti - CC 2.0 by-sa

From Argentina operate flights to São Paulo Aerolineas Argentinas , Tam , Goal , http://www.lan.com "target =" _ blank "> Lan and British Airways .

Playa Asturias - Centro de Guarujá
Playa Asturias - Centro de Guarujá
photo by preit - CC 2.0 by-sa

From Chile Lan , Tam and Goal .

From Uruguay Pluna , Tam and Goal .

Arrival in São Paulo by bus from Argentina, Uruguay and Paraguay

From Argentina and Paraguay there is a bus to São Paulo through the company Pluma, or through the company Crucero del Norte from Argentina.

From Montevideo Uruguay you can get to São Paulo by bus through the company TTL .

Whether you arrive by bus to São Paulo from the bordering countries or from other Brazilian capitals, the arrival will always be at the Tietê terminal( View on satellite map ), from this same terminal the buses leave for the beaches of Ilhabela ( View on map ) and Ubatuta </​​i> ( View on map ).

How to get to Ubatuba and Ilhabela from São Paulo

Those arriving in São Paulo by air through the Guarulhos Airport, to go to these beaches on the north coast of São Paulo should first arrive at the Tietê bus terminal( View on map ), it is possible to travel between the airport and the Tietê terminal by taxi or conventional bus, personally at the time I opted for the service "http://www.airportbusservice.com. br "target =" _ blank "> Airport bus service " to save me the stress of waiting for a conventional urban bus on the periphery of a huge city like São Paulo, the price of the ticket to Tietê is R $ 30 and the Frequency is approximately 50 minutes.

Once in the immense(but very safe in my experience) Tietê bus terminal, you must go to the first floor and look for the ticket office of the company Litorânea which is the company that covers most beaches in the state of São Paulo, you can check schedules on its website, the price of the ticket from São Paulo to Ubatuba i> is currently R $ 46.15, there are services between both cities with frequencies between 1 and 2 hours, the travel time is 4 hours.

From Tietê in São Paulo you must buy a ticket to the São Sebastião Raft( View on satellite map ), from the dock from this city leaves the ferry(ferry service) that crosses to Ilhabela , the price of the bus between São Paulo and the embarkation of the Balsa in São Sebastião, is R $ 40.60 traveling through the company Litorânea and departures are approximately every 3 hours.

Travel time is almost 6 and a half hours. Then the raft takes between 15 and 20 minutes more to cross to the island, the frequency between each ferry is 30 minutes.

How to get to Guarujá from the São Paulo Airport(Guarulhos)

To get to Guarujá from the Guarulhos airport in São Paulo it is necessary to arrive first at the Bus Terminal of Jabaquara ( See in map ), which is the bus terminal from where the buses depart to Guarujá .

There are several possibilities to get to the terminal Jabaquara , taxi logically is the fastest and most direct, however taxis are a generally expensive option in São Paulo, it is advisable to check prices before if you choose this option .

The option to avoid urban buses between Guarulhos and the Jabaquara terminal without using a taxi would be to take the bus from Airport bus service that costs 30 R $ from the airport of Guarulhos to the Tietê terminal first, and then from the metro station that is integrated to the bus terminal(station http://www.metro.sp.gov.br/redes/azul/tetiete.shtml "> Portuguesa-Tietê ) go with the metro line 1(blue) until the station Jabaquara .

Once at the Jabaquara terminal you can reach Guarujá through the companies Rapido Brasil and Ultra , the Trip is 1 hour and 15 minutes and the price is approximately 20 R $.

The bus terminals and metro stations in São Paulo are modern and in general it is safer and quieter to use them as a connection between places than to venture to take urban buses in the streets of São Paulo.

How to get to Guarujá from the São Paulo bus terminal

Take metro line 1(blue) at the station Portuguesa-Tietê which is integrated into the Tietê bus terminal, to the station Jabaquara , through this station we arrive at the bus terminal of Jabaquara, which is where the services of the companies Rapido Brasil and Ultra that make the journey to Guarujá, the trip from Jabaquara to Guarujá is 1 hour and 15 minutes, the price is approximately 20 R $.

How to get to Ubatuba from Rio de Janeiro

From Rio de Janeiro, the company that makes the trip between the Novo Rio bus terminal and Ubatuba is Useful .

The distance is 310 kilometers. There are service hours during the morning at 8:30 and at night at 23:00, the price for this trip is R $ 66.50 and the duration of the trip from Rio de Janeiro to Ubatuba is 5 hours and a half .

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Praia do Bonete - Ilhabela
Praia do Bonete - Ilhabela
Playa de Ubatumirim - Ubatuba
Playa de Ubatumirim - Ubatuba
Praia do Lazaro - Ubatuba
Praia do Lazaro - Ubatuba
Playa Asturias - Centro de Guarujá
Playa Asturias - Centro de Guarujá
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